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Marketing Speakers

Marketing drives product awareness, cultivates brand credibility, builds trust among your target buyers and provides value to your audience in the form of information, entertainment and inspiration, and it's important because it allows businesses to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with their audience. Marketing is not a one-time fix, but an ongoing strategy that helps businesses flourish.

Our roster includes the best Marketing speakers including world-class marketers and trend specialists from an array of backgrounds and industries that expertly deliver powerful and entertaining keynotes.

If the Marketing speaker you're after isn't listed here, please let us know and we will book them for you.


Hanoi Morillo

Hanoi Morillo is the former Vice President of Digital Banking and CDO at Scotiabank. Partner of LA7EM in Latin America and Gate93 in Silicon Valley, and one of the 'sharks' in the famous TV program Shark Tank Colombia.

Bonin Bough

Bonin Bough is an awarded marketing expert with an illustrious career that includes C-level positions at Mondelēz International (Kraft), where he worked as the Chief Media & eCommerce Officer and PepsiCo, where he led the company’s global Digital Marketing efforts.


Sanjay Koshla

Sanjay Khosla is the former International President of Mondelez, where he led the transformation of Kraft Foods to Mondelez and the integration of Cadbury into the new company. He is currently a Professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


Cate Trotter

Cate Trotter is an international authority on retail trends. She is the founder and director of Insider Trends, a London-based agency working on the technological developments and the future of retail.


Katarina Graffman

Katarina Graffman is an internationally recognized anthropologist. She has been a project leader within UNICEF, an advisor to companies such as H&M and Volvo Europe, and a researcher on consumer trends for the new generations.


Daymond John

Daymond John is a pioneer in the fashion industry, motivational speaker, best selling author and a prolific entrepreneur, star of the popular and award-winning show Shark Tank. 


James Taylor

James Taylor is an innovative leader and talented speaker on Business Creativity Innovation and Artificial Intelligence. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (F.R.S.A.).


Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is a renowned digital futurist and a new economy visionary. He is a leading authority on disruptive innovation, digital transformation and new ways of thinking, a public speaker and the author of the bestseller 'Futuretainment'.


James Lafferty

James Lafferty has often been described as one of the most unique and diversified CEOs in the world today. His impressive marketing and management career includes top positions at companies such as Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola and British American Tobacco.  


Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz is regarded as the guru of entrepreneurs. He is the author of the international bestseller “The Pumpkin Plan” which offers simple but powerful strategies to grow a business


John Howkins

John Howkins is a leading strategist on creativity and innovation. He is the author of “The Creative Economy”, which highlights the route to merge creativity and business.


Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes is acknowledged as being one of the world’s leading authorities on consumer and cyber shopper behaviour, and a thought leader on Shopper Marketing, Shopper Centricity, Omnichannel and Digital Strategies. 


Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a popular entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker. Godin is regarded as one of the most innovative and visionary marketers of our time and has been called “the Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age” by Businessweek.


Bob Higa

Bob Higa is an amazing and creative magician who integrates magic into corporate presentations tailored to each client.


Bruce Turkel

Bruce Turkel is an influential marketer and public speaker, renowned as an expert in consumer behavior in the digital age. Turkel is well known for transforming Miami’s brand and image.


Vito Di Bari

Vito Di Bari is one of the three greatest futurists in the World. He is hailed as the "new European guru of innovation" by the New York Times and as the "great engineering dream-maker" by Economics Nobel Prize laureate Kenneth Arrow.


Dirk Beveridge

Dirk Beveridge is regarded as the Guru of sales, recognized as one of the top twenty sales speakers in the United States. He is the author of the Best-Seller Sales Management: Why the Best are the Better.


Ken Segall

Ken Segall is the former Creative Director of NeXT and Apple. He came up with the legendary 'Think Different' slogan and worked alongside Steve Jobs developing ideas that materialized in iconic products such as the iMac and the iPhone.


Johnny "Cupcakes" Earle

Johnny 'Cupcakes' Earle is an ingenious and unique young businessman, named the # 1 Entrepreneur in America by BusinessWeek magazine.


Greg Stuart

Greg Stuart is a versed Digital Marketing expert and public speaker with an extensive career in advertising and marketing on the internet. He is the former CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an organization for the online advertising industry.


Fernando Anzures

Fernando Anzures is an acclaimed international multicultural sales and management strategist. He is the former CEO of Coca-Cola Colombia, who has helped multiple companies throughout the Americas to increase their sales and goals.


Rob Malcolm

Rob Malcolm is a renowned independent consultant in the fields of marketing and advertising, an educator, management advisor and public speaker.


Jay Alan Samit

Jay Alan Samit is considered one of the leading experts in disruptive innovation today. A dynamic entrepreneur, international speaker and author, he has worked at companies such as Linkedin, eBay, Sony Music, Universal Studios, and EMI.

Jochen Zeitz

CEO of Harley Davidson Inc and Co-Founder of The B Team. Jochen Zeitz was the youngest Chairman in German history to head a public company is when appointed Chairman and CEO of PUMA in 1993 at the age of 30.

Dan Gingiss

Dan Gingiss is an international keynote speaker, customer experience coach, author, podcaster, and CXO of The Experience Maker™.

John Livesay

Known as “The Pitch Whisperer,” John Livesay is a keynote sales speaker who helps sales forces connect with today’s crazy-busy, ultra-savvy buyers by becoming master storytellers with magnetic pitches.

Guido Lara

Guido Lara is founder and CEO of LEXIA, a Market Research & Communications Consulting firm devoted to creating solutions based on insights with headquarters in Mexico City and Washington DC.

Tiffani Bova

Tiffani Bova is a business growth keynote speaker, innovation, growth evangelist, and the author of Growth IQ. A top influencer in Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, the Future of Work, and Sales.

Ken Schmidt

Ken Schmidt is a top customer loyalty speaker, author, and former Director of Communications at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. He shares stories and insights on the road to building a fanatically vocal customer base.

Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross is a top sales keynote speaker, business growth expert, and bestselling author of 'Predictable Revenue'. His book was #1 on Amazon’s telemarketing list for over 2 years and has been called “The Sales Bible of the Silicon Valley.”

Dag Kittlaus

Dag Kittlaus is a top A.I. and Tech Entrepreneurial keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder and CEO of two digital assistant companies, Siri and Viv.

John Ellis

John Ellis is a top technology and futurist virtual keynote speaker, best-selling author, software expert, and former Head of the Ford Developer Program with Ford Motor Company.

Marcus Collins

Marcus Collins is a top marketing virtual keynote speaker, award-winning advertiser, Head of Planning at Wieden+Kennedy New York, former Head of Digital Strategy for Beyoncé, and a Marketing Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. 

Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao is a Branding and Creativity Speaker, and Chief Creative Instigator/Founder of Unmistakable Media.

Kim Perell

Kim Perell is an Entrepreneur Speaker, Angel Investor, CEO of Amobee, and Bestselling Author of 'The Execution Factor'.

Grant Leboff

Grant Leboff is one of the U.K's leading Sales and Marketing experts. His book ‘Stickier Marketing’ went straight to #1 in the Amazon Sales & Marketing Chart, and was in the top 10 overall Business Chart.

Regina Carrot

With more than 10 million followers, Regina Carrot is one of the most prominent content creators in the digital world, as well as an extraordinary singer-songwriter, actress, speaker, and writer.

Daniel Sieberg

VP of Public Relations, Huawei USA, Daniel Sieberg is an Entrepreneur & Strategic Advisor for Developing Technologies. He helped to build the News Lab at Google.

Adolfo Fernández Sánchez

Adolfo Fernández Sánchez is Head of Commerce Strategy, Global Customer Solutions at Google & Expert on Retail, Consumer Goods & Lifestyle, and Digital Communications at the World Economic Forum.

David Holloway

David Holloway is a compelling Keynote Speaker, Author, an Advisor on Leadership, Team Building, & Peak Performance.

Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald is considered one of the nation’s top experts in marketing, leadership, the customer experience and consumer trends. Author of three best-selling books including 'How To Work And Lead People Not Like You'.

Hermann Petzold Rodríguez

Hermann Petzold Rodríguez is a consultant in retail trade and specialist in market trends, and one of the first people selected as speaker for Walmart Talks.

Randi Zuckerberg

Randi Zuckerberg is an entrepreneur, investor, bestselling author, and Emmy-nominated tech media personality. She is the former CMO of Facebook and sister to its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Kevin O'Leary

Kevin O’Leary is an outstanding businessman and investor. He is a star in the popular TV Show Shark Tank and an expert public speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership and success. 

Omar Johnson

Omar Johnson is a marketing and branding keynote speaker, entrepreneur, former CMO at Beats by Dre, and former VP Marketing at Apple.  

Jonathan Mildenhall

Jonathan Mildenhall is the co-founder and CEO of TwentyFirstCenturyBrand. As the former CMO of Airbnb Mildenhall positioned himself in the top 10 most influential CMOs in the world according to Forbes.

Walter Schupnik

Walter Schupnik is a renowned keynote speaker and expert in direct television sales, mass marketing and advertising. He is the General Manager and Legal Representative of Intermarketing Direct in Colombia.

Andy Stalman

Andy Stalman is considered one of the world's leading brand experts. With more than 25 years of experience, his talent and charisma as well as his work and influence in the world of brands have led him to be known globally as “Mr. Branding”.

Julie Rice

Julie Rice is an extraordinary entrepreneur, best known for co-founding the fitness phenomenon SoulCycle. 

Daniel Marcos Hadjópulos

Daniel Marcos is the global CEO, along with Salim Ismail, of ExO Education, a company that seeks innovation in organizations by implementing the methodology of the book Exponential Organizations.

Jeff Noel

Jeff Noel is a 30-year Disney Leadership veteran, 2-time Disney Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, a published author, and highly-sought business advisor.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is an outstanding entrepreneur, venture-capital pioneer and technology speaker. He is the chief evangelist of Canva and Apple veteran.

Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell is a renowned futurist, speaker and expert commentator on Consumer Technology Trends. Riddell the first ever Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for MARS Incorporated in Australia and New Zealand.

Andrew Sobel

Andrew Sobel is the leading authority on the strategies and skills required to create consistent revenue growth through lifelong client loyalty and trusted business partnerships.

Matthew Luhn

Matthew Luhn is a master storyteller and former Pixar Story Artist. He is a writer, story consultant, creative writing instructor and keynote speaker with over 25 years of experience creating, and helping businesses develop, memorable stories, characters, products and services.

Richard Kolsky

Richard Kolsky is a renowned consultant, public speaker and lecturer at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Kevin Gaskell

Kevin Gaskell is a renowned serial entrepreneur and former CEO of prestigious companies such as BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini y Cars Direct. Gaskell is also the author of Inspired Leadership.

Tim Leberecht

Tim Leberecht is a German-American author and entrepreneur, and the co-founder and co-CEO of The Business Romantic Society, a firm that helps organizations and individuals create transformative visions, stories, and experiences.

Jürgen Klaric

Jürgen Klaric  is an American professor, writer, speaker and researcher in neuromarketing and neuro innovation. 

Geoff Ramm

Geoff Ramm is an international authority on Customer Service issues. He has lectured on 5 continents and as a speaker he is characterized by his irreverent style, enormous energy and surprising and innovative content.

Jay Baer

Jay Baer is an internet pioneer, entrepreneur, Twitter celebrity and one of the most inspirational experts and keynote speakers on Customer Service and Digital Marketing. 

Kevin Harrington

Keving Harrington is a visionary entrepreneur and the creator of the popular infomercial “As Seen on TV”. Harrington has successfully launched over 20 businesses with sales of over 100 million each. He has been named one of the best entrepreneurs of our time by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Gianluigi Longinotti-Buitoni

Dr. Gianluigi Longinotti-Buitoni is the acclaimed former CEO of Ferrari North America and Polo Ralph Lauren Europe. He is the author of the popular book Selling Dreams: How to Make Any Product Irresistible.

Brian Solis

Brian Solis is the Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. He is a globally recognized independent digital analyst and anthropologist, and one of the most respected authorities in the world on digital transformation and social media for business.

Erin Gargan

Erin Gargan is an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author and digital persuasion expert. She has advised companies such as Disney, Mercedes Benz and Visa on their Digital Era strategies.

Clyde Fessler

Clyde Fessler is an exceptional consultant and keynote speaker. He is the former VP of Business Development for Harley-Davidson, where he played an integral part in its dramatic turnaround.

Paco Underhill

Paco Underhill is one the most renowned and recognized experts in the field of retail consumer behavior and the author of the world bestseller Why We Buy:The Science of Shopping.

Steve Savage

Steve Savage is an acclaimed international multicultural sales and management strategist who has helped multiple companies throughout the Americas to increase their sales and results.

David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is an acclaimed marketing and business strategist, entrepreneur, investor and advisor to emerging companies, and bestselling author of 12 books, including Fanocracy and The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

Sam Ritcher

Sam Richter is an internationally recognized expert on digital information and is considered the father of modern-day Sales Intelligence.

Jeff Slutsky

A worldwide sales authority and influential marketing consultant, Jeff Slutsky has created a revolutionary system that has been used to increase sales in hundreds of companies internationally.

Paul Kuzniar

Paul Kuzniar is an outstanding business consultant and trainer that has worked with top international firms, the private sector and in government. Kuzniar’s clients include AT&T, Winthrop Pharmaceutical, Bridgeston / Firestone, Chrysler, DuPont, Ericsson, and many others.

Tod Novak

Tod Novak is an outstanding speaker, trainer, coach, author and a passionate sales force trainer. He is the founder and CEO of The Novak Group, a leading company dedicated to advising companies seeking to increase their sales.

Tony Zahorik

Tony Zahorik is a prolific seminar leader in the areas of marketing research, customer satisfaction, advertising and market segmentation as well as a marketing consultant to a variety of industries. 

Timothy Calkins

Timothy Calkins is a highly praised marketing professor, author, speaker and consultant. He is a Clinical Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Lakshman Krishnamurthi

Dr. Lakshman Krishnamurthi is Chairman of the Marketing department at Kellogg School of Management, considered number one at the number one school in Marketing worldwide.

Patricia Seybold

Patricia Seybold is a visionary thought leader with the unique ability to spot the impact that technology enablement and customer behavior will have on business trends incredibly early.

Lesley Everett

Lesley Everett is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker and author, regarded as the ultimate European authority on Personal Branding.

Jill Dyché

Jill Dyché is a world authority on business intelligence and precision marketing. She is a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting Group, an international consulting firm responsible for CRM strategies and business intelligence.

Joseph Jaffe

Joseph Jaffe is a consultant and thought leader in the marketing and innovation space. He has worked with countless fortune 500 companies, as well as startups. He is also a renowned public speaker, author and entrepreneur.

Scott Bedbury

Scott Bedbury is widely recognized as one of the world’s top business minds for his influence on brands like Nike, Starbucks and Airbnb. He is the author of the best-seller A New Brand World, chosen three consecutive times as one of the 100 greatest business books of all time.

Bernd Schmitt

Bernd Schmitt is a renowned world authority considered the father of Experiential Marketing, the revolutionary discipline that transforms traditional "flat" marketing into a powerful comprehensive and experiential tool.

Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark has been named one of the Top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50, and was recognized as the #1 Communication Coach in the world by the Marshall Goldsmith Leading Global Coaches Awards.

Alex Dey

Alex Dey is a best seller author and extraordinary public speaker. He is regarded as the greatest instructor in sales techniques and negotiation skills in the Spanish-speaking world.

Steve Yastrow

Steve Yastrow, principal and owner of Yastrow and Company, is a highly regarded marketing and business advisor and author. 

Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom is a legendary expert in Marketing and Branding. Lindstrom has been named one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People by TIME Magazine and has also been included in the prestigious Thinkers50 list.

Sally Hogshead

Sally Hogshead is a top marketing keynote speaker, persuasion and personal branding expert, and leading authority on fascination.

Sasha Strauss

Sasha Strauss is the founder and Managing Director of Innovation Protocol, a consulting firm that supports innovative minds seeking to turn new ideas into brands and advises companies of international stature.

Sam Hill

Sam Hill is an extraordinary writer, speechwriter and former business consultant. He is cofounder of the Helios Consulting Group, which helps top management solve complex marketing problems.

Simon Mainwaring

New York Times bestselling author of We First, Simon Mainwaring is Founder & CEO of award-winning strategic consultancy, We First. He is a Real Leaders Top 50 Keynote Speaker in the World.

Ori Brafman

Ori Brafman is a renowned expert on organizations and leadership and a regular speaker for Fortune 500 companies and the US Government. He is the co-author of the best-seller "The Starfish and the Spider" which looks at the effect the digital age has had on decision-making.

Bryan Mattimore

Bryan Mattimore is one of America's top experts in applied creativity, ideation facilitation and innovation management.

Bruce Newman

Dr. Bruce Newman has advised politicians in several countries, who come to him because he combines his outstanding knowledge of marketing and politics with consumer/voter psychology and applied statistics.

Michael Vickers

Michael Vickers is the best selling author of Becoming Preferred: How to Outsell Your Competition, where he shares his secrets to achieving the very highest level of sales mastery.

Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler is the father of modern marketing. He is a professor at the Kellogg School of Management and author of the most widely used marketing textbook in universities around the world.

Michael Solomon

Michael Solomon is a thought leader in marketing and advertising. He has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Productive Scholars with published research on consumer behavior, fashion psychology, branding, retailing, and marketing.

Dan Heath

Dan Heath is an acclaimed entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author of the business book Made to Stick; a Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and Amazon best seller.

Pablo Hernandez O’Hagan

Pablo Hernandez O’Hagan is an outstanding entrepreneur and speaker, founder and president of Ingenia, the number one national Digital Marketing agency in the country.

Sergio Zyman

Sergio Zyman is probably the most prominent and charismatic strategist in contemporary marketing. He is the former Chief Marketing Officer of The Coca-Cola Company. 

Blair Singer

Blair Singer is a renowned international sales expert and speaker. He is the author of the bestseller Little Voice Mastery, which explains in simple but powerful terms the techniques to excel in sales.

Don Peppers

Don Peppers has been recognized for over a decade as the ultimate authority on CRM. He is the author of a series of best sellers that, combined, have sold more than a million copies around the world.

Shelly Lazarus

Shelly Lazarus is the most powerful woman in advertising according to Fortune magazine. She is Chairman Emeritus of Ogilvy&Mather.


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