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Jürgen Klaric

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Jürgen Klaric  is an American professor, writer, speaker and researcher in neuromarketing and neuro innovation. 

Jürgen Klaric was born in the United States, but his stay was short, his traveling and restless soul led him to live in Peru, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Bolivia. Sharing his life with people of different nationalities, he came to adopt a multicultural approach that, along with his innovative personality, led him to break marketing paradigms.

At age 11, he demonstrated his advertising skills by helping his cousin win his school’s presidency. Jürgen Klaric studied architecture at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. In this city he realized his passion for innovation and founded the magazine Ragazzi for social purposes. Soon after he created his own advertising company, Klaric Pulido, in Guadalajara.

Jürgen Klaric’s analytical and innovation skills led him to work at Ogilvy, one of the most prestigious advertising companies in the world. His desire to complement the study of consumers’ minds with scientific rigor led him to create Mindcode, a company that develops the concept of neuromarketing. In this company they do market research based on neuroscientific evidence, selling to the mind and not to the person.

In a short time, Mindcode gained prestige in the market, having seven offices in America and working with companies such as Nike, Nestle, Pepsico, Bimbo, Movistar, among others. Jürgen Klaric managed to publicize neuro innovation by giving lectures in more than 20 countries, and through his two books: We are Blind and Sell to the Mind, Not to the People.

Vende a la mente, no a la gente: Neuroventas: la ciencia de vender más hablando menos (Spanish)
Vende a la mente, no a la gente: Neuroventas: la ciencia de vender más hablando menos (Spanish)

Jürgen Klaric immerses us in the revolutionary science of neuro-sales and teaches us what are the keys to selling more while investing less. With this book you will be a more productive salesperson and you will be able to exploit your full potential, reaching sales figures never before achieved.

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