We are living in a New Normal where in-person Keynotes have been replaced by virtual Keynotes.

Keenly aware of this, Smart Speakers offer you the possibility of hosting our speakers on the screens of your audience through a virtual keynote, so you can maintain the connection with your employees and/or clients (so important in these days).

Whether it's a motivational talk, a presentation on the economic outlook, or a virtual keynote on how to lead remote work teams, among many other topics, our speakers can help you connect with your target audience in the New Normal.

Our speakers are fully versed in the virtual environment that our current situation requires and are able to deliver powerful and relevant content both through virtual keynotes and in person where the conditions allow it.


Communication and Interaction

A virtual keynote conference offers you a magnificent tool for communicating and maintaining contact & interaction with your work teams and clients.


What do I have to do to book a virtual keynote conference?

It’s simple . Browse our webpage to choose one or more speakers of your interest, fill out and send the "Request a Speaker" form on the Home page or in the biography of a speaker. A Smart Speakers executive will contact you shortly to explain the details and advise you on the process.

Contact us today

Contact us to request information or book a speaker and one of our agents will reach out to you shortly

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