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Arts & Culture Speakers

Our roster includes prominent Arts and Culture speakers including world-class experts, artists, writers, bestselling authors and entrepreneurs from many industries, influential voices that inspire and create lasting value to your audience.


Peter Guber

Peter Guber is a successful and inspiring entrepreneur and bestselling author. He is the CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, the owner of the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Dodgers and the LAFC (MLS).


Richard Saul Wurman

Richard Saul Wurman is a visionary creator and the founder of TED, the online conference platform that brings together the brightest minds on the planet under the motto “Ideas Worth Sharing,”


Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy is an acclaimed movie, TV and Broadway actor, with credits on mega-hits such as Orange is the New Black, Gossip Girl and Pretty in Pink. McCarthy is also a highly-regarded writer and director.


Benjamin Zander

Benjamin Zander is a Grammy nominated conductor and one of the world's most sought-after public speakers.


Kevin Asbjörnson

Kevin Asbjörnson is a professional educator, international performing artist, keynote inspirational speaker and author in the areas of global leadership, global mindset, leading creativity and innovation in the workplace, and global executive coaching for performance, potential and well-being.


Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman is a North American artist, famous worldwide for her incredible ability to transform urban spaces with her incredible artwork. Echelman combines modern technology with ancient craft to create her distinguished art.


Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson is a contemporary artist and cyborg activist, best known for having an antenna implanted in his skull and for being officially recognized as a cyborg by a government.


Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward is a legendary Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist, Associate Editor at The Washington Post and Author of 20 Bestsellers. In collaboration with Carl Bernstein, Woodward broke the deeply disturbing news of the Watergate scandal.


Rigoberta Menchú

Rigoberta Menchú Tum is an indigenous Guatemalan woman of the K'iche' ethnic group. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 and the Prince of Asturias Award in 1998. 

Sewa Beats

Sewa Beats offers high-energy keynotes that use music as a metaphor for success, leveraging the power and excitement of West African drumming.

Jay Ward

Jay Ward is a top innovation keynote speaker, a Creative Director of Franchise at Pixar, and a consultant on all Cars-related projects worldwide.

Isabel Segovia

Isabel Segovia Vice Minister of Education and the Vice-Presidential Formula of Enrique Peñalosa in Colombia.

Sophia Von Wrangell

Sophia Von Wrangell is a Speaker and Film Director. Among her main recognitions are the awards and nominations she has received for her film projects, such as the Silver Bear at Berlinale 98 or the New York Times Critics Award.

Alicia Mejía

Alicia Mejía is better known as "the lady of fashion" in Colombia. She is the creator of Colombiatex and Colombiamoda.

Isaac Hernández

Isaac Hernández is a Mexican ballet dancer and actor that changed the perception of the art of dance in the country. In 2018 he won the Prix Benois de la Danse, the first Mexican dancer to win the award.

Freddie Ravel

Freddie Ravel is the internationally acclaimed “Keynote Maestro” who blends his infectious passions for business breakthroughs and the power of music to unlock the minds, hearts and potential of audiences around the world.

Roger Nierenberg

Roger Nierenberg is a celebrated Composer and Symphonic Conductor, creator of the groundbreaking musical experience The Music Paradigm, which sonically and vividly illustrates leadership and organizational harmony concepts for companies and institutions.

José Manuel Villalpando

José Manuel Villalpando Historian, writer and Mexican commentator, Former Coordinator of Historical Research at Editorial Clío. 

Alondra de la Parra

Alondra de la Parra is the most famous Mexican conductor of our time. She is the founder and Artistic Director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas.

Miguel Angel Ruíz

Don Miguel Ruiz is a renowned spiritual teacher and internationally bestselling author of the “Toltec Wisdom Series,” which includes the ultra-popular “The Four Agreements.”

Andrés Oppenheimer

Andrés Oppenheimer is an Argentine journalist, columnist for The Miami Herald and political analyst for CNN. He has been awarded the Pulitzer, Ortega y Gasset Prizes as well as the María Moors Cabot and the King of Spain Prize.

Mario Vargas Llosa

Mario Vargas Llosa is a Peruvian writer, politician, journalist and essayist laureate. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2010.

Enrique Krauze

Enrique Krauze is an author, critic, media entrepreneur, and historian. In 1991 he founded Clío, which publishes books on the history of Mexico and produces documentaries and television series.  He is the director of the journal, Letras Libres. 


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