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Finance & Banking Speakers

Our roster includes the best Banking and Finance speakers, including world-renowned financial experts, investors, advisors and consultants from a wide array of industries, championing voices that create lasting value to your audience.


Edgar Pérez

Edgar Perez is a global leader and visionary in business and technology. He delivers captivating and insightful presentations on how to spark innovation and leverage technology, from Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing to 5G and the Metaverse. A published author and former McKinsey consultant, he is a global strategist affiliated with the Ponemon Institute, Gerson Lehrman Group, and Guidepoint Global Advisors.


Hanoi Morillo

Hanoi Morillo is the former Vice President of Digital Banking and CDO at Scotiabank. Partner of LA7EM in Latin America and Gate93 in Silicon Valley, and one of the 'sharks' in the famous TV program Shark Tank Colombia.

Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz is an acclaimed Nobel Prize laureate in Economics and one of the world’s most talented and influential economists and thought leaders. He is the former Chief Economist and Senior Vice-President of the World Bank and is currently a professor at Columbia University.  


Geoff Colvin

Geoff Colvin is one of America's most respected business analysts, editor of Fortune magazine and moderator of the prestigious 'Fortune CEO Forums', which each year bring together the brightest minds in business.


Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck is widely recognized as one of the most influential women in business and Wall Street. She is the former CEO of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.


Ayesha Khanna

Dr. Ayesha Khanna is a leading innovation expert advising governments and businesses on AI, smart cities, future skills, fintech, and emerging industries.


Todd Buchholz

Todd Buchholz is a former White House director of economic policy, Harvard professor and best-selling author and speaker. 


Daymond John

Daymond John is a pioneer in the fashion industry, motivational speaker, best selling author and a prolific entrepreneur, star of the popular and award-winning show Shark Tank. 


Harry Redinger

Harry Redinger is an accomplished management consultant, instructor and motivational speaker. He has practiced as a business plan development consultant for over 30 years.


Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz is regarded as the guru of entrepreneurs. He is the author of the international bestseller “The Pumpkin Plan” which offers simple but powerful strategies to grow a business


Dubos J. Masson

Dubos J. Masson is president of The Resource Alliance, a consulting firm specializing in treasury management and electronic transactions. He has more than 20 years of experience advising CFOs.


Brett King

Brett King is a world-renowned financial expert, named Innovator of the Year by American Banker Magazine in 2012. King is the prolific author of Bank 2.0, a guide to the future of the industry in the Digital Age.


Bo Burlingham

Bo Burlingham is the influential editor-at-large of Inc Magazine and author of business best-sellers such as Small Giants and Finish Big.


Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort, better known as the Wolf of Wall Street, is the extraordinary businessman whose life inspired the eponymous movie directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.


Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is one of today’s most influential minds in the fields of education and human consciousness. Founder of Mindvalley.


Jeffrey Garten

Jeffrey Garten was Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade during the Clinton administration. He is a member of the board of important international financial companies.


Tom Copeland

Tom Copeland is a consultant of more than 200 companies in 35 countries, on topics such as capital optimization, risk coverage, privatizations, among others.


Jon Matonis

Jon Matonis is the former Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation. A popular consultant and public speaker, he is considered the foremost authority on virtual currencies, private currencies, and burgeoning e-money instruments.


Jorge Suárez-Vélez

Jorge Suárez-Vélez is a renowned economist, financial analyst and commentator for CNN and ForoTV.


Dhiraj Mukherjee

Dhiraj Mukherjee is a Co-Founder of Shazam, sold to Apple for a reported $400M. He is an early investor in some of Europe's leading startups, and global giants including OpenAI (creators of ChatGPT). His inspiring keynotes deliver practical advice on emerging technology and how to build an adaptable organisation.

Alejandro Díaz de León

He was Governor of Banco de México (2017-2021), whose leadership contributed to enable monetary policy maintain inflation low and stable and to safeguard the well-functioning of both financial and payment systems, in a context of external and domestic shocks. He was named Governor of the year by Central Banking (2021), Central Banker of the Year for the Americas by The Banker (2019), and Central Banker of the Year by Latin Finance (2018 and 2019).


Fue Gobernador del Banco de México (2017-2021), cuyo liderazgo contribuyó a que la política monetaria mantuviera una inflación baja y estable, y a la salud y buen funcionamiento del sistema financiero y de pagos, en un contexto de considerables choques externos e internos. Fue nombrado Gobernador del Año por Central Banking (2021), Banquero Central del Año de América por The Banker (2019), y Banquero Central del Año por Latin Finance (2018 y 2019).

John Sfakianakis

John Sfakianakis is Director of Economics Research at the Gulf Research Center in Riyadh. He is an expert on the future of oil and oil policy, the regional economy, privatisation, fiscal and debt management.

Matthias Kröner

International Financial Authority of the Digital Age, Matthias Kröner is co-founder of the world's first Fintech Bank. He was named as one of the 50 most influential people in Germany's innovation and technology sector.

John Ellis

John Ellis is a top technology and futurist virtual keynote speaker, best-selling author, software expert, and former Head of the Ford Developer Program with Ford Motor Company.

Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson is a Global Authority on Sustainable Business Growth and Professor at Harvard Business School. She is the author of “Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire”.

Andrew Busch

Expert Futurist and Economist, Andrew Busch was the first Chief Market Intelligence Officer for the U.S. government and the author of “World Event Trading”.

Dr. James Canton

Dr. James Canton is a Fortune 500 consultant, leading global futurist and social scientist who has garnered a massive global audience with an ever-increasing demand for his speeches.

Daniel Marcos Hadjópulos

Daniel Marcos is the global CEO, along with Salim Ismail, of ExO Education, a company that seeks innovation in organizations by implementing the methodology of the book Exponential Organizations.

Juan Verde

Juan Verde is an internationally renowned economic and political strategist for both the public and private sectors, Verde worked on Barack Obama’s administration and was an advisor for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns.

Xavier Sala I Martín

Xavier Sala-i-Martin has spent his career teaching, researching world economics, and consulting with governments and international financial institutions. He is in the privileged position to be able to offer decision makers wishing to do business in today’s volatile markets essential information on how to be competitive and innovative.

David Pogue

David Pogue is a visionary ex-columnist on Personal Tech for the New York Times and one of the most followed and respected voices in the industry of Information Technology.

Felipe Calderón

Felipe Calderón was President of Mexico from 2006 to 2012. He managed to boost the growth of the economy during the world economic crisis of 2009 and has distinguished himself for his actions in favor of the environment and sustainable development.

Richard Russakoff

Richard Russakoff is an internationally acclaimed business coach, speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur.

Guillermo Ortiz

Guillermo Ortiz Martínez is former Governor of Banco de México. Prior to that, he served as Executive Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and is currently Director of several international non-profit organizations.

Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León

Ernesto Zedillo is the former President of Mexico (1994-2000), who successfully faced one of the most acute financial crises in modern Mexican history.

Larry Marks

Larry Marks is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker and trainer in change management and skills development. 


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