Richard Russakoff

Richard Russakoff

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Richard Russakoff is an internationally acclaimed business coach, speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. 

Richard Russakoff brings more than 45 years experience successfully starting and developing businesses, working with CEOs and other entrepreneurs, training, consulting, and business brokering. Rich offers fresh eyes to business owners, allowing them to see things they would otherwise not see.

Richard Russakoff’s solid reputation is based on cutting edge knowledge, combined with his make-it-simple / make-it-happen approach. As CEO of Bottom Line Up Enterprises, he serves entrepreneurial companies throughout the world. CEOs and the leadership teams of rapid-growth companies regularly seek his guidance. Because his programs and presentations provide a wealth of practical, real-time information, Rich is always in demand.

Richard Russakoff is the author of the influential book Make Banks Compete to Lend You Money: The Complete Guide to Business Loans - the Bible of bank financing. This indispensable book provides step-by-step guidance to obtaining bank financing with the lowest rates, best terms, and most favorable covenants. He authored the chapter “Mastering the Art of Bank Financing” in the best-selling book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, by Verne Harnish.

Richard Russakoff has been published in or quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Business Finance Magazine, Inc. Magazine, CNN Money, Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, Journal of the American Banking Association, and Ingram’s Magazine. Rich was also a regular contributor to CBS MoneyWatch, where he wrote on subjects of interest to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

With over 35-years experience as a serial entrepreneur and speaker, Richard Russakoff’s presentations have been offered with sponsorship alliance partnerships for entrepreneurial audiences through conferences and workshops, including INC Magazine Conferences, Fortune Magazine Summit, Entrepreneur Organization Conferences and Universities Worldwide.

Speaking Topics
  • The CEO Checklist: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Survive and Prosper
  • How to Create a Sensational Presentation for Any Kind of Funding
  • Make Banks Compete to Lend You Money: The 10 Surefire Steps to Bank Funding Success
Rich Russakoff shares his CEO checklist

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