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Military Speakers

Smart Speaker's roster is comprised of the best military speakers who are more than capable of delivering powerful and entertaining keynotes.


Mike Abrashoff

Mike Abrashoff is an outstanding former Naval Commander, public speaker and one of the most remarkable modern day stories of organizational transformation. 



Afterburner offers impressive keyotes from elite military North American pilots who share with their audience the tactics and strategies that allowed them to dominate the skies and will now help you conquer your business challenges.


Carey Lohrenz

Carey Lohrenz is a dynamic communicator and a pioneer in military aviation as the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot in the United States Navy.

Donna Brazile

Veteran Democratic is a political strategist Donna Brazile is an adjunct professor, top global issues keynote speaker, author, and syndicated columnist. She has worked on every presidential campaign from 1976 through 2000, when she served as presidential campaign manager for former Vice President Al Gore.

Thomas A. Kolditz

Thomas Kolditz is a top leadership keynote speaker and expert, retired Brigadier General, author, and Executive Director of the Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University.

Janine Stange

Philanthropist and Founder of Medal of Honor Mail Call, Janine Stange is a motivational speaker, singer, and on-air personality. She is the author of the subject of "National Anthem Girl" streaming on Amazon Prime.

Mike Sarraille

CEO of EF Overwatch and Former Recon Marine and Retired US Navy SEAL. Mike Sarraille is Co-Author of the Best-Selling Book “The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Companies Win on Talent.”

George Randle

George Rangle is a Managing Partner at Talent War Group and Former US Army officer. Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at Forcepoint.

Mark Noon

Retired U.S. Air Force Officer, Executive Leadership Coach and Author. Mark Noon is a remarkable speaker on Employee Engagement, Change Leadership, Service Excellence, Values, and Culture.

Nicole Malachowski

Colonel Nicole Malachowski is the first female pilot of the famed Thunderbirds of the US Air Force, squadron commander, war veteran in Iraq and adviser to the White House.


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