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Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Speakers

Modern businesses can no longer operate with the sole aim of making profits at the expense of the environment, society, economy, their consumers and employees. Giving back to society can help you do good and attract customers and keep your best employees; customer satisfaction and employee retention are the keys to any successful business, after all. In the corporate world, sustainability is associated with an organization's holistic approach, taking into account everything, from manufacturing to logistics to customer service. Being socially responsible company can bolster you company's image and improve your brand.

Our roster includes prominent Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility speakers including world-class experts, environmentalists, leaders in sustainability, socially-conscious entrepreneurs and social responsibility thought leaders from many industries, influential voices that create lasting value and help you reach your business objectives.


Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz is an acclaimed Nobel Prize laureate in Economics and one of the world’s most talented and influential economists and thought leaders. He is the former Chief Economist and Senior Vice-President of the World Bank and is currently a professor at Columbia University.  

Doc Hendley

Doc Hendley, appointed CNN Hero in 2019, is the inspiring founder of Wine to Water, an organization dedicated to bring clean water around the world. 

Raj Sisodia

Raj Sisodia is a distinguished professor at Babson College, the # 1 University for Entrepreneurship. Sisodia is the co-author of the best-seller (and movement) Conscious Capitalism, that seeks to promote business models that generate profitability while fostering the common good.

Stephen Ritz

Stephen Ritz is a South Bronx educator who believes that students should not have to leave their community to live, learn, and earn in a better one. An internationally acclaimed award-winning educator, Stephen is the author of the best-selling book, The Power Of A Plant, and founder of Green Bronx Machine. 

JB Straubel

JB Straubel is a top innovation speaker, entrepreneur and visionary. Straubel is the co-founder and CTO of Tesla Motors, the world-renowned luxury electric vehicle company. 

Jochen Zeitz

CEO of Harley Davidson Inc and Co-Founder of The B Team. Jochen Zeitz was the youngest Chairman in German history to head a public company is when appointed Chairman and CEO of PUMA in 1993 at the age of 30.

Gunter Pauli

Author of the acclaimed book 'The Blue Economy', Gunter Pauli is an entrepreneur and economist who founded the "Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives" (ZERI) at the United Nations University in Tokyo.

John Sfakianakis

John Sfakianakis is Director of Economics Research at the Gulf Research Center in Riyadh. He is an expert on the future of oil and oil policy, the regional economy, privatisation, fiscal and debt management.

Bill Richardson

As Governor, U.S. Energy Secretary, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Congressman, Bill Richardson's leadership experiences over a distinguished three-decade career in public service has shaped his perspective on the most pressing issues of our time.

Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson is a Global Authority on Sustainable Business Growth and Professor at Harvard Business School. She is the author of “Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire”.

Alicia Asín

CEO and co-founder of Libelium. Alicia Asín is an expert keynote speaker in Internet of Things, AI and smart cities.

Jeremy Park

President of Philanthropic Catalyst known for being a Force for Good, Jeremy Park is a Business Consultant for Corporate Giving and Community Outreach.

Thomas Eckschmidt

Thomas Eckschmidt is an engineer who holds an Executive MBA in finance from Business School São Paulo, Brazil. His corporate journey included work in twenty different countries before he launched a successful entrepreneurial career that includes twelve business awards, four patents filed, and eleven books published.

Santiago Perry

Santiago Perry is a distinguished keynote speaker and Former Minister of Agriculture, Former Director of the PBA Corporation, General Manager of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) and Executive Director of the Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation (CORPOICA).

Enrique de la Madrid

Enrique de la Madrid Cordero is a successful professional both in the public and financial spheres. He’s a former Secretary of Tourism of Mexico.

Douglas Conant

Douglas Conant is a leading businessman, public speaker and author of the New York Times best seller TouchPoints. Conant is the former President of Nabisco Food Company and CEO of Campbell Soup Company until 2011. He has been named a Top 100 Leadership Speaker by Inc. magazine.

Freya Williams

Freya Williams is the co-founder of OgilvyEarth, the North American CEO of Futerra, a global sustainability company, author of the best seller “Green Giants” and advisor to Coca Cola, the United Nations and Unilever on social responsibility.

Bjorn Lomborg

Dr. Bjorn Lomborg is an outstanding  author, professor and lecturer. A controversial Danish environmentalist, he is considered by The Guardian newspaper as "one of the 50 people who could save the planet". Lomborg is the author of the controversial book The Skeptical Environmentalist.

Daniel Yergin

Daniel Yergin is a highly respected authority on energy,  international politics, and economics. He is Vice Chairman of IHS Markit and chairman of CERAWeek, which CNBC has described as “the Super Bowl of world energy”.

Mohan Munasinghe

Professor Mohan Munasinghe was the Vice-Chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and shared the 2007 Nobel Prize with Al Gore for his work on global warming and sustainable development. He is a remarkable physicist, academic and economist with a focus on energy, water resources, sustainable development, and climate change.

Andrew Savitz

Andrew Savitz is an outstanding creative advisor, author and speaker, with over 25 years of hands-on experience assisting corporations to become leaders in sustainability and environmental topics.

Felipe Calderón

Felipe Calderón was President of Mexico from 2006 to 2012. He managed to boost the growth of the economy during the world economic crisis of 2009 and has distinguished himself for his actions in favor of the environment and sustainable development.

Dale Partridge

Dale Partridge is a socially-conscious entrepreneur dedicated to helping organizations with social responsibility. His outstanding work and expertise have helped charities around the world raise millions of dollars in micro-donations.

Andrew Winston

Andrew Winston is a prolific speaker on environmental issues and advisor for the most important companies in the world. He’s the co-author of the international best-seller Green to Gold, which explains how being ecologically responsible can also be profitable

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is a fearless explorer and survival adventurer who has conquered the wildest and most inhospitable natural places in the world. He’s the star of Discovery Channel's hit show Man vs. Wild.

Simon Mainwaring

New York Times bestselling author of We First, Simon Mainwaring is Founder & CEO of award-winning strategic consultancy, We First. He is a Real Leaders Top 50 Keynote Speaker in the World.

Ricardo Lagos

Ricardo Lagos is the former President of the Republic of Chile between 2000 and 2006 and President of Foundation Democracy and Development.

Jil Van Eyle

Jil Van Eyle is the father of the “Teaming” concept and “Teaming Solidario” initiative, born in 1998 of team micro-donations in favor of small and medium-sized NGOs or organizations of all kinds that has become a global phenomenon.


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