Santiago Perry

Santiago Perry

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Santiago Perry is a distinguished keynote speaker and Former Minister of Agriculture, Former Director of the PBA Corporation, General Manager of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) and Executive Director of the Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation (CORPOICA).

Santiago Perry is a keynote speaker currently working in various institutions related to agriculture in Colombia. He is Executive Director of the PBA Corporation or Corporation for the Participative and Sustainable Development of Small Rural Producers; he has the position of Technical Secretary of the Grupo Diálogo Rural Colombia (Working Group on Rural Poverty and Development) and the Grupo Diálogo Rural Andino.

In his incessant interest in the progress of the agricultural sector in Colombia and his work as a writer and researcher Santiago Perry has written a large number of books and other works aimed at this path of study, among which are "Rural development with equity and with a territorial approach: a requirement for peace and development ”.

Santiago Perry’s extensive experience as an independent consultant gives him the necessary background to communicate the most pertinent and important knowledge regarding collective work strategies aimed at promoting the development of agriculture in Colombia and Latin America. An important part of his work has to do with generating self-sustainability options for the rural population victim of displacement in Colombia.

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