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Sasha Strauss

Sasha Strauss

Categories: Innovation, Change & Creativity | Marketing | Digital Marketing & Social Media

Travels from Los Angeles, California, USA

Sasha Strauss is the founder and Managing Director of Innovation Protocol, a consulting firm that supports innovative minds seeking to turn new ideas into brands and advises companies of international stature.

With 25 years in strategic brand development, Sasha Strauss has built brands at the world’s leading advertising, PR, marketing and branding agencies. In 2006, he founded Innovation Protocol, a brand strategy consulting firm that exclusively serves innovators. As the Managing Director, Strauss leads a team of 25 strategy consultants that serve clients such as Google, PayPal, Disney, Amgen, Nestlé, and ADP.

When not supporting Innovation Protocol’s international clientele, Sasha Strauss teaches graduate brand strategy, leadership, and innovation courses at USC’s Marshall School of Business, UCLA's Anderson School of Management, UCI's Merage School of Business. Via these professorial roles, he also teaches at preeminent graduate programs while on the road for business, having taught in programs such as at MIT Sloan and The Johnson School at Cornell.

Conferences and corporations worldwide call upon Sasha Strauss for award-winning forums; from Romania to China, Switzerland to Mexico. Media channels like National Public Radio (NPR), Forbes and The Wall Street Journal seek his expertise on branding everything from presidential candidates to innovative start-ups and Fortune 500s. He has keynoted with notable speakers such as Magic Johnson, Tony Hsieh, Frank Gehry, Biz Stone and Simon Sinek.

Sasha Strauss holds a bachelor's degree from UC Irvine, a masters in strategic corporate communication management from USC, and an executive business management certificate from UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management.

Speaking Topics
Facilitating Innovation

For organizations that are in the midst of industry and internal #TRANSFORMATION, this content is built for your audience. By focusing on three timeless tools for facilitating innovation, even reluctant stakeholders come around.

This Is Rise Of The Herogen

Connect with a profound new consumer population. Through the power of story structure, this dialogue walks through top insights, cautions, and the four must-do actions that leaders can use to successfully engage audiences of today. Learn to lead with the Hero Generation.

Branding In The New Normal: Building Enduring Organizations In This Unrivaled Era Of Change

This speech explores why we’re here, what we now expect, and how to survive and thrive in this unparalleled age of human communication.

Personal Branding & Executive Identity: Personal Identity When Things Last Forever

This presentation enables leaders to use the foundations of brand strategy to build their own personal, influential identity inside and outside their organizations.

Social Media & Brand Strategy

This presentation explores where brands fit in the world of social media culture and how it is the common ingredient in an organization’s public relations, marketing and advertising initiatives. Through a deep dive into current best practices you will gain access to clear actions on how your organization can approach today’s social-obsessed world.

CSR Brand Strategy

This presentation explores the evolution of CSR brand strategy, why it is important, and how changing audience expectations have driven brands toward doing good.

Brand Actions For Startups

This presentation discusses the development process of all types of startups, effective strategies for each stage of growth, and covers case studies where branding helped to build startups into enduring brands.

Nonprofit Brand Strategy

This presentation will share proven techniques for defining, articulating, and implementing a nonprofit brand strategy. We’ll explore case studies exemplifying how to successfully engage and retain staff, volunteers, and donors to ensure long-term success.

B2B Brand Strategy

This presentation shares transformational best practices on how to build and implement B2B brands, and measure their effectiveness.

Entertainment Brand Strategy

This presentation draws upon contemporary best practices from both media and non-media categories, explaining how entertainment brands can be established, nurtured, and grown over time.

Brand Architecture / Portfolio Strategy

Brand architecture is the strategic process of organizing your products or services in a manner that makes it as easy as possible to BUY or SELL what you offer. By naming and bundling specific branded elements, audiences can better self-navigate their purchase, and salespeople can better guide the purchase process.

Brand Strategy Fundamentals

This presentation helps audiences gain insight into why brands matter, who they matter to, and how to build them into marketing, advertising, and public relations strategies.

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