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Sally Hogshead

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Sally Hogshead is a top marketing keynote speaker, persuasion and personal branding expert, and leading authority on fascination.

Sally Hogshead is a top marketing keynote speaker, persuasion and personal branding expert, and leading authority on fascination. In her early career in advertising, Sally quickly skyrocketed to the top, becoming the most awarded advertising copywriter in the U.S. by age 24. Her campaigns for brands such as MINI Cooper, Nike, Godiva and Coca-Cola have fascinated millions of consumers.

After graduating from Duke University, Sally Hogshead began a career in advertising, swiftly garnering many awards. As Creative Director/Managing Director of CP&B she worked for clients including Nike, Coca-Cola, Godiva, Aflac and Mini Cooper. Her leadership of “Project Fascinate” for the Jägermeister brand resulted in it being named among the “Hottest Global Brands” by Advertising Age.

Moving into research, Sally Hogshead led a groundbreaking national study by a global market research firm. She discovered that the human brain is hardwired to focus on seven specific messages and also that the average attention span is just nine seconds long. She used her research to create The Fascination Advantage, the first personality assessment to turn the traditional model around and measure what makes you most engaging to others.

As well as appearances in national media, including on NBC and in the New York Times, Sally Hogshead is one of the youngest inductees into the Speakers Hall of Fame, being invited to speak to, among others, Intel, Cisco, Million Dollar Round Table, GE, New York Life, YPO, Inc. Magazine Leadership, and Intuit.

Sally Hogshead has published three books, Radical Careering: 100 Truths to Jumpstart Your Job, Your Career, and Your Life, Fascinate, and How The World Sees You, all of which have received global attention and acclaim.

A Hall of Fame speaker, Sally Hogshead has conducted intense research involving hundreds of thousands of people. Combining this with her record as a top-flight advertising creative, she can show you how to capture and keep modern, short attention-span audiences interested.

Speaking Topics
Why Different Is Better Than Better

It’s no longer enough to be good, or better, or even the best. Now the question is… what makes you DIFFERENT?

The One Question You Must Ask Yourself

Are you more intelligent than the average person? Studies show that 90% of people believe so. (In reality, of course, 50% are above average and 50% are below.) So we overestimate ourselves because we want to be smart. But today, intelligence isn’t what distinguishes the high-performers from the rest. What’s the one question you must ask yourself? Sally reveals the surprising answer.

The $5,000 Word

When is a single word worth $5,000? In her keynote to 3,000 members of the National Speakers Association, Sally reveals her research on our unexpected patterns of persuasion.

Do You Like The Taste Of Jägermeister?

Jägermeister tastes like a toxic combination of kerosene and battery acid. So why is it the #8 top selling spirit in the U.S.? It’s the most popular brand nobody likes. Sally discovered the answer when Jägermeister’s CEO tapped Sally to lead their brand campaign. With her signature whip-smart storytelling, Sally reveals why polarizing people and brands conquer the competition in any competitive marketplace.

How Ultra-performers Get Results

At the world’s most prestigious event for the top 1% for financial advisors, hosted by Million Dollar Round Table, Sally shared her newest research about high-performers. In one hour, she increased their confidence 160%.

Custom Analytics From The Fascinate® Test

The ultimate customized presentation… the Custom Analytics Package, available exclusively from Sally Hogshead and the team at How to Fascinate. In the keynote, your audience members will learn how they compare to the average population with a “heat map” of advantages, and their “watch outs” for performance.

Unlearn Boring

Diversity & Inclusion isn’t about forcing similarities. Quite the opposite. It’s about discovering what makes each of us different and extraordinary. In other words, it’s about how to unlearn boring.

How To Turn AV Glitches Into A Win

Uh-oh… an AV glitch. Yet Sally involved her audience with humor and authenticity, creating an impromptu experience that the client described as “masterful.” When you select an elite speaker, you’re investing in an insurance policy for the unexpected. (Although it never hurts to pray to the AV gods, too!)

What Animals Know That Humans Do Not

Human beings are the only species in the animal kingdom that tries to dumb down, water down, and compromise our most differentiating traits. From lizards to llamas, survival in a competitive environment requires specialty. Find out why the same is true for you.

How To Create A Fascinating Experience

At a global sales event in Amsterdam, Sally faced a challenge: Immediately build a connection amongst an audience of sophisticated leaders from around the world. However, many did not speak English. Her solution? Bond them together with a little surprise, and a lot of humor.

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