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David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott

Categories: Best-selling Authors | Big Data | Digital Transformation | Entrepreneurship & SME | Future Trends & Futurists | Marketing | Digital Marketing & Social Media | Sales & Customer Service

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David Meerman Scott is an acclaimed marketing and business strategist, entrepreneur, investor and advisor to emerging companies, and bestselling author of 12 books, including Fanocracy and The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

David Meerman Scott is best known for The New Rules of Marketing and PR, a perennial seller for over a decade available in 29 languages. Other bestsellers from Scott include Fanocracy, Real-Time Marketing & PR and Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. He has worked with clients such as HubSpot, where he also serves as Marketer in Residence. Scott has developed rapid sales and marketing strategies for the HubSpot team that have grown the company to more than 48,000 customers in 100 countries and a projected annual revenue in 2018 of $490 million.

David Meerman Scott was vice president of marketing at NewsEdge Corporation, but in 2002, after NewsEdge was sold to The Thomson Corporation, he was fired because his ideas were a little too radical for his new bosses. Scott decided to start his own business to work on his ideas, select his clients and teach others through writing, speaking at conferences, and conducting seminars for corporate groups. The subject of all this work is to help others reach their buyers directly and drive more revenue.

In past advisory work, David Meerman Scott contributed to successful companies as a member of the board of directors of NewsWatch KK (later sold to Yahoo Japan) and Kadient (merged with Sant) and served on the board of advisors of Eloqua (sold to Oracle in early 2013) and GrabCAD (sold to Stratasys in 2014). 

David Meerman Scott’s portfolio of advisory clients also includes Mynd, InstaViser, Expertfile, YayPay, RISEcx, Set The Set, and SlapFive, as well as non-profits including the Grateful Dead Archive at University of California Santa Cruz and HeadCount.

David Meerman Scott has had the opportunity to speak on all seven continents, in over 40 countries, to some of the most respected firms, organizations and associations in the world. He customizes his keynotes and masterclasses for each audience, but the core of every event is an urgent call to action: scale and media buying power are no longer a decisive advantage; what counts today is speed and agility. Real-Time is the mindset for the future, and content is king.

Speaking Topics
Fanocracy: Turning Fans Into Customers and Customers Into Fans

Why do some brands, even in supposedly mundane categories like car insurance and enterprise software, attract not just customers, or even loyal customers, but passionate fans? 

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Premise: Engaging customers on their own terms is the business survival skill of our time. Business is different today. We all know it. It’s a scary idea to set aside outdated beliefs and dusty old strategies but those old ways can cost you money. 

Real-time Strategies to Grow Sales

Premise: The way most companies sell is not aligned with the way people buy. Buyers are bypassing the traditional selling model altogether. 

Going Beyond the Keynote

David Meerman Scott is available to deliver sales and marketing workshops or coaching sessions. In them he provides a step-by-step framework for implementing Real-Time sales or marketing/PR strategies. 

The Need to Explore: David Meerman Scott at TEDxUMassAmherst

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