Jeff Slutsky

Jeff Slutsky

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A worldwide sales authority and influential marketing consultant, Jeff Slutsky has created a revolutionary system that has been used to increase sales in hundreds of companies internationally.

With a background in both advertising and public relations, Jeff Slutsky had an opportunity to practice what he preached when he became part owner of a night club and later a health club. With the marketing dollars now coming out of his own pocket, he soon began to discover and develop result-oriented, low-cost tactics to build sales, which came to be known as “Street Fighting.”

Jeff Slutsky is the President and Founder of Street Fighter Marketing in Columbus, Ohio that specializes in teaching businesses how to market, promote, and increase sales on a shoestring budget. He and his brother, Marc Slutsky, have authored and published eight books, several DVD's and six video training tapes. Slutsky’s Street Fighter Marketing has received a great deal of national media attention including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Success, BusinessWeek and Inc Magazine.

Jeff Slutsky’s Street Fighter client list includes AT&T, American Express, Walt Disney, Chevron, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Honda, Sony, Goodyear, Marvel Entertainment, The US Army, and many others. He is also the writer and producer of several musical parodies that have been performed at various NSA events and has had the pleasure performing in several of them including NSA Gets “Greased.” He also wrote and produced The Wizard of Sales, which presented one of the NSA Scholarship programs.

Jeff Slutsky specializes in teaching businesses how to market, promote, and increase sales on a shoestring budget. He has authored and published numerous books, many videos and audio albums, including “Street Fighter Marketing Solutions” and “No B.S. Grassroots Marketing”.

Speaking Topics
Marketing Without Money

To compete against the "big guys" you have to think like a "Street Fighter," with clever and shrewd, low-cost, grass-roots marketing tactics that get proven results on the local level. 

Selling Made Super Simple

To get the sale you must know how to identify your client's problems and offer a good solution. You do that with questions and listening. This seminar teaches attendees the easiest, simplest and most effective ways of getting that information to get the sale. And, your audience will be entertained while they master these critical tactics.

Leadership: The Influence Booster

Influence Booster is a special approach for increasing the results from all forms of your everyday communications. Distilled from the proven principles and approaches behind the most effective and persuasive advertising, sales and public relations strategies. This presentation teaches your audience how to increase their value of their personal “brand."

Advertising On A Shoe-string

This seminar shares the secrets of getting more advertising with greater impact for less money.

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