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Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell

Categories: Best-selling Authors | Big Data | Artificial Intelligence | Digital Transformation | E-commerce | Future Trends & Futurists | Future of Work | Innovation, Change & Creativity | Marketing | Digital Marketing & Social Media

Chris Riddell is a renowned futurist, speaker and expert commentator on Consumer Technology Trends. Riddell the first ever Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for MARS Incorporated in Australia and New Zealand. 

Chris Riddell was the first ever Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for MARS Incorporated, architecting the corporate digital strategy behind brands including Whiskas, Pedigree, Wrigley, Starburst, Masterfoods, Snickers and Maltesers. Riddell is frequently called on as a futurist, speaker and expert commentator to give insights into consumer technology trends within traditional media. As a regular on Sky News Business, The Project on Ten, Channel 7’s The Morning Show, The Daily Edition prime time shows, and ABC 774 Radio, his insights and expertise as a trend spotter extend far beyond the walls of the corporate world.

Chris Riddell is a top business keynote speaker and an award-winning global futurist and industry-recognized inspirational keynote speaker on emerging trends in our hyper-connected world. Riddell is a global pattern hunter, discovering and identifying how humans are changing and adapting to high-speed change, unlocking insights for businesses and leaders in today’s highly disrupted digital world.

Chris Riddell’s obsession with the future, and ‘the now’ that shapes it, has powered his thinking, and his career, for 15 years. Having lived across the globe and working for some of the largest and influential businesses and brands on the planet, Riddell has honed his ability to spot and track global patterns and unlocking opportunities in the increasingly disrupted digital world we live in.

Driven by the real world, by humanity, and by ‘the now’, Chris Riddell makes sense of the uncomfortable and challenging world of ‘the future’ and makes the case for excitement, motivation and optimism. Riddell’s deep interest in data, detail and insights—making unique connections and unlocking new perspectives—forms a compelling case for a future that will be better than today.

Speaking Topics
The New Customer

What will the customer of 2030 look like… think like… behave like? And can we predict their needs before they even know what they want?

Reinvented Business

When our ‘business as usual’ is anything but, how can we continue to grow, thrive and innovate? What could incredible business look like amidst the incredibly unusual?

Resilient Leadership

With the world at a precipice how can business leaders reinvent themselves, and embrace real-time decision making for the challenges ahead?

Future Trust

How can we build enduring consumer trust in an age where we gain digital leverage by merely pushing the “enter” key?

Radical Innovation

In this new era of innovation, how can we identify drivers of future trends, and develop new product and service ideas to drive rapid growth and innovation?

Hyper Disruption

What are the key trends that will determine a path forward amidst a chaotic and fluctuating world—and how can we embrace this volatility?

Chris Riddell - Keynote Speaker HITEC Minneapolis

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