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Considered as one of the best soccer coaches nowadays, Joseph, Pep Guardiola is known as a natural leader. Since 1992, when he lead the soccer team straight to the golden medal, his directing abilities have only increased his popularity over time.

One of the most effective resources to motivate his team is music. The fact that he guided his team to victory through Coldplay songs in 2009 is quite known. He has also used movie quotes and other bands and artists to communicate through them positivity and motivation. Being in front of a group that depends on you -at least partially – can be quite tough.

That’s where golf comes to the scene. As an athlete, Guardiola enjoys being active and outdoors, but his job as a coach requires precision, concentration and some nerves of steel. Fortunately, he found the way to exercise them in the perfect way, becoming a great motivator and strategist.

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