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Victoria Holtz


Categories: Leadership | Motivation | Sales & Customer Service | Teamwork | Virtual Leadership - New Normal | CEOs | Women’s Spotlight | Multigenerations & Millennials | Diversity & Inclusion | Innovation, Change & Creativity

CEO of Moveminds Latin America and president of the National Speakers Association Mexico. Victoria Holtz is an extraordinary speaker and author of the book ZWN Agile Mindset.

Victoria Holtz is CEO for Moveminds Latin Americal, managing teams in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. She has been a senior consultant since 1991. She was selected as a member of the prestigious and exclusive association Femmes Leaders Mondiales (Women World Leaders). She is an Advisor for the C-Suite Thought Council and President of the Latam Speakers Association, member of the Global Speakers Federation.

On the other hand, Victoria Holtz has been Project Leader in dozens of culture change programs in Latin America, as well as Master Trainer at TMI World and TACK International since 1994. For more than 25 years she has directed consulting projects and delivered macro conferences and workshops for more than 35,000 people. She delivered two modules of the Government Innovation Program for the Mexican Presidency as well as projects for various Secretariats and in organizations such as UNICEF-Mexico, International Rotary Club, CANACO, CONCAMIN, ANIQ, AIESEC and the Mexican Foundation for Quality. Also, Victoria has participated in numerous radio and television programs, including being a Business Specialist for 8 years in the most prestigious newscast in Mexico: Monitor. She is a collaborator in Mexico for Discovery Health Channel, Canal Once, Telemundo, Bloomberg and AprendeTV.

Victoria Holtz is a certified consultant in Branded Customer Service -USA and has the following certifications: Practical Leadership (Austria), World Class Service, Visionary Planning and Stress Management (United Kingdom); Master in Advanced Sales, Sales Management and Profitable Negotiation (United Kingdom), Appreciative Inquiry (U.S.A.), and Advanced Time Management and Personal Effectiveness Techniques; Fundraising (Amprofdi) and Marketing (Kellog University).

Speaking Topics

• Soulful Leadership

• Agile Leadership

• Emotional Intelligence

• Conflict management and Assertive Communication

• Design Thinking and Disruptive Innovation

• Agile Problem solving and Decision Making

• Diversity and Inclusion

• Leadership Alignment: getting to ROI, ROP and ROE

• Agile Change management

•  Mentoring & Coaching skills

• Powerful Conversations & Accountability for all Generations

• Behavior based Safety

• Millenials & Centenials

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Victoria Holtz - Smart Speakers

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