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Gregg Fraley

Gregg Fraley

Categories: Innovation, Change & Creativity 

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Gregg Fraley is an ingenious author, speaker and thought leader in innovation who has worked with many Fortune 500 companies. He wrote “Jack’s Notebook”, a business fable about creative problem-solving.

Gregg Fraley is an author, speaker, trainer, and thought leader in innovation. He is not just a theorist — he is an entrepreneur who has created value his entire career, from start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations.

Gregg Fraley’s diverse business background includes everything from founding and managing software technology companies to working as an interactive television producer. He is the author of the first ever business fable about creative problem solving, “Jack’s Notebook,” which is used by many business schools.

Gregg Fraley is the creator of MoshPit, a new framework for finding and combining concepts for breakthrough innovation that assists organizations in the integration of technology to their entire value chain. Fraley was also a founder of KILN Ideas, Ltd, which created the innovative trend-box subscription service, IdeaKeg. He is a master trainer, and has worked with Coca-Cola, Georgia-Pacific, W.R. Grace, and Johnsonville Sausage, among others.

Gregg Fraley helped develop the first wireless prescription writing system for doctors (SmartScripts, a patented product), as well as numerous computer applications in healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and field service. He is a founder of three software firms, and now an innovation services company (GFi). His management experience includes marketing, branding, sales, research, and technical development. 

As a consultant, Gregg Fraley’s “whole-brained” approach focuses on bottom line results. He is an effective innovation process guide and a dynamic idea generation or strategy facilitator; his sessions often achieve those elusive breakthrough ideas and strategies. Fraley’s been involved with the development of several market-leading consumer products and patented process innovations.

A pioneer in the development of interactive television, Gregg Fraley worked with Warner Cable’s QUBE project in the early 80s, where he designed and produced entertainment programming. While there, he won an Emmy award and a cable ACE award for Innovation.

Gregg Fraley has been quoted as an expert in the following publications: Successful Meetings, Skyline News, Redbook, Crain’s Chicago Business, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago’s Daily Herald, Forbes, and US News and World Report. He is published in Quirk’s Marketing Research, Innovation Management, and Innovation Excellence. Fraley has spoken at conferences around the globe, including TEDxStormont, ESOMAR, and FUSE. His top 50 blog is widely read in the innovation world.

Speaking Topics
The Creative Choice

This keynote is Gregg’s signature speech and he’s inspired audiences around the world to make more creative, more innovative choices in life. 

The Innovation Imperative

This is an inspirational and informative keynote that backgrounds audiences on why, and how, they can best approach the challenge of innovation, creating positive innovation cultures, projects, and ultimately success.

Doing the Innovation Mash-Up

This specific “how to” talk is about connecting dots in new and meaningful ways. Inspirational and immediately useful.

Eight Things Innovation Experts Never Talk About

Gregg raises awareness and provides solutions in this edgy, tough-love, fun, honest, and ultimately helpful keynote.

There Is Never “Too Much” Story

This keynote is essentially an Eight Point Primer in how to use a story for your purposes, this simple process helps you create, understand, and refine your story.

If Steve Jobs Worked For You, You’d Probably Fire Him

This is a keynote about creative thinking and problem solving style and preferences. Understanding creative thinking style is a fundamental building block for innovative culture. 

Creative Selling

In this keynote Gregg explores an untapped area in improving sales productivity – creativity. 

Nine Ways to Improve a Brainstorming Session

Dramatically improve brainstorming/idea generation session results by avoiding the common mistakes most organizations make in planning and executing them.


The new method for Idea Generation that invokes spontaneous thinking. If you want the fun and power of improvisation, this talk will engage, instruct, and demonstrate how it works. 

Creativity and Imagination: Gregg Fraley at TEDxStormont
Gregg Fraley Part 1 ICIE Paris
TEDxNASA - Gregg Fraley

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