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Byron Reese

Byron Reese

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Byron Reese is a renowned futurist, lecturer and entrepreneur of the Digital Age who brings his experience as a technologist, his passion for history, and his proven business acumen to illuminate how today’s technology can solve many of our biggest global challenges. 

Both a futurist and optimist, Byron Reese believes we are approaching a Fourth Age for humanity that promises to be infinitely better than anything we have seen before. As a lifelong entrepreneur with multiple IPOs and successful exits under his belt, Reese also frequently speaks to business audiences on how to excel in the world of tomorrow, and how to deploy technology successfully.

Byron Reese’s latest book is The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity. He is also the author of the award-winning Infinite Progress: How Technology and the Internet Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, and War.

Byron Reese is the CEO and Publisher of Gigaom, one of the world’s leading technology research companies, produces and hosts Gigaom’s podcasts Voices in AI and The AI Minute, and regularly contributes to Gigaom Publisher’s Corner. He leads the company in their mission to help business leaders understand the implications of emerging technologies and their impacts on business, media, and society. Bloomberg Businessweek credits Byron with having “quietly pioneered a new breed of media company.” The Financial Times of London reported that he “is typical of the new wave of internet entrepreneurs out to turn the economics of the media industry on its head.”

Having served across a wide range of senior management roles, from CEO, to VP of Marketing, to Chief Innovation Officer at Demand Media, Byron Reese possesses a diverse body of patented work, and enjoys talking about the intersection of technology, history and the future to both technical and non-technical audiences around the world. Reese brings his experience as a technologist, his passion for history, and his proven business acumen to illuminate how today’s technology can solve many of our biggest global challenges. 

Byron Reese and his work have been featured in hundreds of news outlets, including New York Times, Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, Reader’s Digest, NPR, and the LA Times Magazine.

Speaking Topics
Automation, Ai, And The Future Of Work

Byron Reese dispels the fearful myths around these topics and describes a world where workers of all skill levels use new technology to increase their own productivity. While much of this talk focuses on how technology will reshape the workplace, Byron pays special attention to what workers can do today to maximize their productivity tomorrow. 

Robots And Jobs

Byron invites us to explore the many advances leading to today's technological age, and then to consider the vast possibilities of the future, the coming Fourth Age. 

The Jobs Of Tomorrow

In this talk, Byron tells the story of technology's advancement from the invention of language until today. He explores what's to come in the next decade, and examines what we as individuals can do to make the most of changing times.

How To Innovate In A Rapidly Changing World

In this talk, Byron Reese explores how businesses operating in industries undergoing dramatic changes can prosper and be successful. Byron explores how it is that radical technology advancement creates new multi-billion dollar companies, and destroys old ones.

The Fourth Age: Answering The Big Questions Of Tomorrow

In a talk Byron Reese identifies these as fundamentally philosophical, not technical, questions. Instead of telling the audience what he thinks, he teaches them how to apply their own beliefs and values to them to come up with their own answers. 

The Next Seven Years

What would you have foreseen seven years ago? There were no self-driving cars or Apple watches. Would you have seen the transformative effect that tablets and smartphones would have?

The Coming Golden Age Of Humanity

On this topic, Byron demonstrates how current technological changes will ultimately bring about the end of poverty, disease, hunger, ignorance, and war. Additionally, Byron explores how these historical problems of humanity are fundamentally problems of technology, and thus will have technological solutions, solutions we will find much sooner than is commonly believed.

Education In The 21st Century

How should education change? How will it? What skills will ensure that a person can economically contribute in a world of radical technological change? In this talk, Byron Reese answers these questions and explains that the University system is a 12th Century French invention that remains to this day largely unchanged from its origins in the Middle Ages.

Achieving Greatness Is A Choice: Byron Reese at TEDxAustin

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