Zev Siegl

Zev Siegl

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Zev Siegl is the co-founder of Starbucks, the iconic global brand that transformed the coffee-drinking experience.

Co-founder of one of the most successful businesses in the world, Starbucks, Zev Siegl knows what it takes to develop a successful business from scratch. Offering invaluable advice and knowledge to every speaking event he features at, Zev will give you the key to success while inspiring individuals to be more innovative and determined to succeed in a highly competitive industry. 

Establishing Starbucks Coffee Company in 1971 with Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl served as the first vice president and director of the company, expanding the company to six Seattle-area stores and a wholesale business before the end of the decade. As a result of his work, Siegl helped to propel the success of the company, dominating the gourmet coffee trade in Seattle. 

In 1981, Zev Siegl stepped down from his role at Starbucks and began growing his passion for building up start-up businesses; he founded several small businesses, including Quartermaine Coffee Roasters. 

Zev Siegl is an experienced speaker that has appeared at corporate events, conferences and summits worldwide. He has provided insight and advice to entrepreneurs, small business owners, business advisers and executives across  various industries. He is passionate about encouraging young entrepreneurs and business people to achieve and grow their skills through his inspiring presentations. He makes a great motivational and business management speaker that has tried and tested tips and tricks that he has learned from developing six start-up businesses.

Speaking Topics
Right From The Start, the global toolkit for new venture survival

This engaging keynote includes images and stories about Starbucks' surprising first decade, stories chosen specifically to prepare audiences for the challenging hurdles that new ventures almost always encounter. Energize your next conference!

Set Your Compass on Purpose

The keynote focuses on organizational mission as a success enabler, as revealed by the amazing evolution of Starbucks mission over the past 45 years and the vital contribution made in recent years by Starbucks' corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Speaker Zev Siegl on "Enabling Entrepreneurialism Within Your Company"
Crecer Camp 2017 - Zev Siegl
Message from Zev Siegl - Co-founder of Starbucks

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