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Joseph Grenny

Joseph Grenny

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Joseph Grenny is a four-time New York Times bestselling author, dynamic keynote speaker, and leading social scientist for business performance.

For the past thirty years, Joseph Grenny has conducted social science research with the goal to help leaders and organizations achieve new levels of performance. Specifically, he has focused on human behavior—the underlying written and unwritten rules that shape what employees do every day.

A protégé of Albert Bandura, the world’s most influential and greatest living psychologist, Joseph Grenny’s internationally published research led to the development of his four books as well as four award-winning training solutions of the same titles, which have helped more than 2 million people and 300 of the Fortune 500 companies in 36 countries change human behavior.

Joseph Grenny is the coauthor of four immediate New York Times bestsellers with more than four million copies in print: Crucial Conversations, Influencer, Crucial Accountability, and Change Anything. Grennys work has been translated into 28 languages, is available in 36 countries, and has generated results for 300 of the Fortune 500.

Joseph Grenny contributes regularly to Harvard Business Review and LinkedIn. He has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, Bloomberg, and Fox Business News; and been featured in Forbes, Businessweek, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post.

Over the past thirty years, Joseph Grenny has delivered engaging keynotes at major conferences including the HSM World Business Forum at Radio City Music Hall. He has shared the stage with General Colin Powell, Jack Welch, Jim Collins, and Brené Brown at some of the world’s premier leadership conferences and organizations including HSM World Business Forum, Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, American Society of Training and Development, American Bankers Association.

Speaking Topics
Not all Conversations Are Equal. Some Are Crucial.

When the stakes are high, emotions run strong, and opinions differ, masters of crucial conversations create alignment and agreement. They speak up and share their concerns candidly and respectfully regardless of the other person’s level or position. What’s more, in organizations that foster cultures of open dialogue, mistakes are caught more quickly, decisions are implemented more effectively, and innovation flows more routinely.

Bridging the Gap between Expectations & Results

In organizations that build cultures of accountability, people raise concerns with those beside, above, and below them on the organizational chart. As a result, problems are solved routinely and quickly and a pervasive sense of empowerment and responsibility for results prevails.

Leadership Is Intentional Influence

By drawing from the skills of hundreds of successful leaders, thousands of successful change efforts, and more than six decades of the best social science research, Joseph teaches a proven model for leading change—a model that was named the Change Management Approach of the Year by MIT’s Sloan Management Review.

10X Your Influence: New Research in Leading Change

Joseph Grenny has spent the past thirty years studying effective change agents—leaders who have rapidly and systematically produced widespread change in human behavior. Joseph’s research reveals that leaders who understand how to combine all Six Sources of Influence™ are ten times more successful at producing substantial and sustainable change.

Four Crucial Skills of a High-Performance Culture

Leaders who strategically invest in building these four competencies (self-directed change, open dialogue, universal accountability, and influential leadership) into their human system leverage what research shows is the most potent predictor of sustained value for customers, employees, and shareholders—a high-performance culture.

The Science of Leadership

Joseph’s internationally published research has been distilled into applicable skills leaders can implement to increase their personal influence, improve strategic relationships, and change behavior in their organization. He’ll share his latest insights on the intersection between social science and leadership.

Silence Kills: The Seven Crucial Conversations for Healthcare

In this eye-opening and highly informative session, your audience will learn the seven categories of conversations that are essential for healthcare professionals to master: broken rules, mistakes, lack of support, incompetence, poor teamwork, disrespect, and micromanagement.

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Change Behavior- Change the World: Joseph Grenny at TEDxBYU
Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success | Joseph Grenny | Talks at Google

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