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Tuesday, 07 September 2021 17:53

5 reasons to host a corporate event

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5 reasons to host a corporate event Photo by Alexandre Pellaes on Unsplash

There is a wide range of topics your company can choose from when hosting a corporate event or conference, depending on your objectives, the audience you want to reach and your type of business. Many companies choose to host corporate events and conferences because they provide a range of benefits: they can help companies get closer to their audiences, boost employee morale, help with promotion of your products and/or services, generate leads and sales, and collect valuable information from potential customers. On the other hand, these events can also help attendees to stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable insights from seasoned professionals by getting exposed to first-hand information from experts in the field.

Although you might probably already know most of them, here are a few key reasons why you should consider hosting a corporate event or keynote; even with the pandemic, which now requires additional planning and logistics arrangements, these events can help you reach your goals, stay relevant and gain other advantages beyond increasing your sales. 

5 key reasons to host a corporate event or conference

Sharing knowledge and positioning your company as a thought leader

Experts tend to tell their experiences better and, therefore, the information that is imparted is more effective. Additionally, such information can’t often be found anywhere else, so a keynote can be a great way to learn exclusive knowledge and takeaways.

Whether you source your talent from your own employees or choose to hire an expert speaker, providing these kind of events and spaces to share knowledge and experiences can also help your company position itself as a thought leader and providing recognition and advantages above your competitors.

Learn about the latest trends and innovations directly from experts

By hosting a corporate event you can also learn best practices from the industry, understand new trends, gather valuable feedback and create spaces for discussion, learning and sharing thoughts and experiences. 

This is the kind of environment that fosters innovation and stays on top of trends.

Sharing opinions and mingle with like-minded people 

Another important point is the opportunity to connect and exchange opinions with other attendees and colleagues. 

For both your audience and the company it’s an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with people in the industry. Networking is a powerful tool that can help you and others advance in your career and reach business goals.

Generate leads and create business opportunities

Conferences and corporate events are still one of the best places to promote your product and attract new clients. Thanks to the significant reach of these gatherings, having an audience of hundreds (or thousands) of people can help you communicate important developments related to your business at the same time that you provide value to the attendees, which is a great way to foster relationships and create confidence in your business.

Help your employees grow

By hosting a corporate event or conference you can choose to have it be open to the general public or create a private event for your own employees, which can also be an enriching experience and an opportunity to help them in their professional development. Bringing in a motivational speaker or an expert to deliver a keynote on any business topic could increase productivity and create a valuable work environment for your associates.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic may bring increased limitations and obstacles to event planning and attendance, there are alternatives such as virtual or hybrid events that can help you execute a successful and safe event for all parties involved.

If you’re looking into organizing a conference and need to book the perfect speaker, be sure to check out Smart Speaker’s catalog, which includes hundreds of keynote speakers and experts in a range of fields that will surely meet your needs. Get in touch and find out more about how we can help you plan your next live, virtual or hybrid event.

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