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Tuesday, 06 July 2021 18:09

How to choose a keynote speaker for your event

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Finding the perfect speaker for your event, someone who meets your carefully crafted criteria and who inspires and keeps the audience interested is not an easy task. Even if you find the speaker who meets your expectations and is within your budget, the hiring process and logistics to get them to the event are tasks that take extra time and attention that you could invest in other aspects of planning your event or simply more critical areas of your business.

What Should I take into account when choosing a keynote speaker for my event?

According to Francisco Rodríguez Aguirre, President of Smart Speakers, there are three fundamental factors that must be taken into account when choosing the most suitable speaker for your event:

  • The first factor is to know who your event will be directed to, the kind of audience that will be in attendance in order to try to find a speaker whose personality and expertise are more in line with the audience and their interests and can easily connect with them. 

  • The second factor is to define what you want to achieve with the conference. What would you like to see happen once your event has taken place? 

  • Finally, the third factor to take into account is the budget, since the price range for speakers can vary widely depending on the type of profile you are looking to hire.

What about Celebrity Speakers?

With the rise of influencer marketing, it is natural that when hiring a speaker you factor their popularity and relevance at any given time.

The influence that these opinion leaders can have is not only important for brands to communicate with their customers; it can also be very useful to communicate with the members of your organization, to motivate them, train them and reinforce the ideology of the company and their commitment to it. Celebrity Speakers, or at least most of them, have acquired their power of influence by their authority and / or their experience in a certain area, and it is these types of influencers that organizations can take advantage of to convey a message effectively and motivate their event audiences to take action.

For example, for someone who is in charge of managing human capital in an organization, it is especially beneficial to include opinion leaders from various areas and even motivational speakers in their network of contacts, who, due to their knowledge and experience, can provide valuable advice in how to manage and develop the organization, or that can help keep people motivated or updated so that their performance is optimal.

No matter the profile you decide to hire for your event, whether it’s a celebrity speaker or someone specialized in their field who might not have the star power of a celebrity,  you must always prioritize the experience and knowledge of the speaker to determine if it is a good fit, but without dismissing the fact that their popularity can have a great impact on the acceptance of your audience and therefore on the level of success of your event. 

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